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AnNa GOlebieWska

 Since I can remember art has always been a part of my life, a constant giving my life meaning.


Having a very sensitive eye for visual beauty and widely understood fine arts, from an early age I started developing my artistic skills as a hobby, from simple coal and pencil drawings, through experiments with tempera paintings and collage, to oil painting in my adult life.


After university graduation, I continued to develop my interest in fine arts by completing a postgraduate study in the field of History of Art. Born in Warsaw, in recent years, as a wife of an expat I’ve got a chance to live in different countries and cities such as Brussels, Milan, The Hague and currently Prague. I was happy when I could fully dedicate myself to painting and discover new lifestyles, cultures, visual arts and take part in exhibitions and other art events. I was a member of a local artistic group in The Hague Kunstenaars in het Statenkwartier for 5 years.


In my art I explore a wide range of subjects: architecture, landscape, portrait, and abstract art.

The common feature of my works is looking for beauty and harmony, sometimes not very obvious, in nature and architecture and the play of light and shadow. My favourite technique is oil, but I also paint with acrylic.  

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